Tips for small businesses to stay connected, afloat during coronavirus shutdown

Date: 04-16-2020 / Ashish Kapoor

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The unprecedented public health shutdown due to coronavirus is posing serious challenges to small businesses, which in many cases have been forced to cease normal operations, but thinking outside the box can help them survive.

Small business owners regardless of whether they’re providing goods or services can find ways to weather current and future hardships and uncertainty. Right now, I think the most important thing for small businesses is to communicate with your customers, and think about how you can take your offerings to digital platforms.

Small businesses should consider flexing, to stay connected with their customers now, and to help retain the customer until the coronavirus restrictions have passed. Not everything can be monetised in the same way, small businesses could minimize losses by providing a digital offering.

The tweaks can work, regardless of the type of business. A variation in services provided, to comply with public health mandates or guidance, can help a small business endure. If you’re a coffee shop, don’t think about how you sell lattes and hand them to people in person. Think how can you offload your inventory and sell bags of coffee, or how can you deliver coffee and make that handoff in a safe way?

Wxperts is helping businesses mitigate the effects of the outbreak. We've seen a dramatic shift in how communities are responding to the coronavirus. In this pandemic, our services for small businesses such as, but not limited too, Restaurants, Hotels & Motels, Food Delivering Business, Auto Sales, Auto Repair, Appliance Repair, Building Contractors, Online Retail, Pet Grooming, Personal Care, Event Planning..., are helping these businesses tide over this unprecedented crisis by setting up and managing their web presence while they continue to focus on their business and customers.

We are offering free websites for smalls businesses impacted by Coronavirus. Call our web specialists on (855) 469-6368 to get your business website set up for free. We have even discounted the annual hosting and maintenance charges by 50%, plus include free updates and unlimited changes to your website within that cost.

Disabling an online business website due to coronavirus should be a last resort

Google says doing so could hurt long-term search rankings

Date: 04-15-2020 / Ashish Kapoor

Tech Entrepreneur, Web Guru & Investor #science #technology #innovation #telecom #internet #gadgets #lifesciences

Google has issued a set of guidelines and a helpful FAQ to website owners to try and minimize the damage being done by worldwide shutdowns, both online and off, over the coronavirus pandemic.

They say the most important advice it can give is to avoid disabling a website altogether, so long as it’s feasible to continue paying the hosting fees. Wxperts is offering support to customers concerned they won’t be able to maintain websites adversely affected by the shutdowns.

But Google says disabling a site may harm its search rankings when it is brought back online.

“If your situation is temporary and you plan to reopen your online business, we recommend keeping your site online and limiting the functionality,” writes John Mueller, Google’s senior webmaster trends analyst. “For example, you might mark items as out of stock, or restrict the cart and checkout process. This is the recommended approach since it minimizes any negative effects on your site’s presence in Search. People can still find your products, read reviews, or add wishlists so they can purchase at a later time.”

Mueller says disabling a site should be a last resort. “This is an extreme measure that should only be taken for a very short period of time (a few days at most), as it will otherwise have significant effects on the website in Search, even when implemented properly,” he explains. “That’s why it’s highly recommended to only limit your site’s functionality instead. Keep in mind that your customers may also want to find information about your products, your services, and your company, even if you’re not selling anything right now.”

If it does need to be done, however, there are measures to limit the long-lasting damage it could to do to the site’s broader visibility:

If you need to urgently disable the site for 1-2 days, then return an informational error page with a 503 HTTP result code instead of all content. Make sure to follow the best practices for disabling a site.

If you need to disable the site for a longer time, then provide an indexable homepage as a placeholder for users to find in Search by using the 200 HTTP status code.

If you quickly need to hide your site in Search while you consider the options, you can temporarily remove it from Search.

There’s also an FAQ at the bottom of the page with other useful information, like what happens if you disable a site for only a few weeks and how to handle inventory if you’re operating an e-commerce operation.

Business growth needs to be inclusive for it to be sustainable

Date: 03-15-2020 / Ashish Kapoor

Tech Entrepreneur, Web Guru & Investor #science #technology #innovation #telecom #internet #gadgets #lifesciences


The global business playbook is broken. There is a difference between creating true wealth and making just profits. But companies have forgotten that, and successful CEOs are ruthlessly driving for better incentives and breaks from those their companies serve or engage with. Instead they should be investing to make the opportunities inclusive.

Businesses have to be constantly thinking about communities. Communities formed of customers, employees, shareholders and vendors. If we grow with our communities then there is sustainable organizational wealth being created. This is the primary objective behind our new initiatives to engage technologies like Artificial Intelligence to enhance digital marketing for our customers.

Small business can truly benefit from higher visibility to their markets. They need an equalizing power to bring them at par with huge companies spending millions to flood the digital space with their products, services and brands.

Our AI Digital Marketing Platform does just that, it is truly supercharging our community with ever increasing efficiency. Though it is early days but this amazing business tool is already bringing increasing sales to our customers. Delivering a real bang for every dollar, pound or euro they spend.