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WXpert's Search Engine Optimization Process

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There is a structured process we employ for your SEO:

We begin with an SEO analysis of your website based which we prepare a suitable strategy. If your website is DEAD and garnering ZERO traffic, consider this an autopsy where we identify the problems that are prevalent. You leave us in charge of resuscitating your website and giving it a fresh lease of life.
Once the SEO plan is finalized, we formulate a keyword analysis report based on both our and the client's recommendations to identify the necessary keywords for the campaign.
We provide SEO updates regularly. These are periodic progress reports so that you understand the pace at which the campaign is moving.
We then prepare an initial traffic and ranking report which specifies the your website's rankings before any work is done. This presents the you with a understanding of where the website currently stands and helps you set goals for where you wants to take the website.
Our SEO Plan is an on-page optimization plan that outlines the changes which need to be made in the meta tags and content. This is the game plan that we will employ to transform the your website entirely so as to attract greater traffic.
Finally, we do an SEO progress review, which is a review of the work done during the course of the month, including keyword rankings, crawl errors, off-page optimization and a strategy for the next month.
NO Contract! If you need another enticing reason to get us onboard, we'll be happy to indulge you. Unlike other SEO companies which deem it mandatory to sign a minimum 6-month contract along with advance payment, we eschew the concept of contracts altogether. This means that if you hire us and don't see a marked difference in the performance of your website, you can terminate the work effective immediately and pay only for the month in which you've procured our services.