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Tips for small businesses to stay connected, afloat during coronavirus shutdown

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The unprecedented public health shutdown due to coronavirus is posing serious challenges to small businesses, which in many cases have been forced to cease normal operations, but thinking outside the box can help them survive.
Small business owners regardless of whether they’re providing goods or services can find ways to weather current and future hardships and uncertainty. Right now, I think the most important thing for small businesses is to communicate with your customers, and think about how you can take your offerings to digital platforms.
Small businesses should consider flexing, to stay connected with their customers now, and to help retain the customer until the coronavirus restrictions have passed. Not everything can be monetised in the same way, small businesses could minimize losses by providing a digital offering.
The tweaks can work, regardless of the type of business. A variation in services provided, to comply with public health mandates or guidance, can help a small business endure. If you’re a coffee shop, don’t think about how you sell lattes and hand them to people in person. Think how can you offload your inventory and sell bags of coffee, or how can you deliver coffee and make that handoff in a safe way?
Wxperts is helping businesses mitigate the effects of the outbreak. We've seen a dramatic shift in how communities are responding to the coronavirus. In this pandemic, our services for small businesses such as, but not limited too, Restaurants, Hotels & Motels, Food Delivering Business, Auto Sales, Auto Repair, Appliance Repair, Building Contractors, Online Retail, Pet Grooming, Personal Care, Event Planning..., are helping these businesses tide over this unprecedented crisis by setting up and managing their web presence while they continue to focus on their business and customers.
We are offering free websites for smalls businesses impacted by Coronavirus. Call our web specialists on (855) 469-6368 to get your business website set up for free. We have even discounted the annual hosting and maintenance charges by 50%, plus include free updates and unlimited changes to your website within that cost.